16LAB R&D Team Patch
16LAB R&D Team Patch
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16LAB R&D Team Patch

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Founded as a special high-tech division of I.O.P. Manufacturing Company, 16LAB and the ingenious Miss Persica are credited with the creation of many marvelous technological advancements including ASST Technology, 2nd Generation T-Dolls, and infinitely replicating IDWs. Under contract by G&K PMC, they are the company's most valued providers of advanced technologies research, repair, development, and production.

Based in concept on the lab's often obscured logo and the game's flashy color schemes, it's silhouette and vibrancy will make it an interesting part of anyone's collection or wardrobe. You have your orders, Commanders, now carry them out with pride.

-Embroidered Fabric. Velcro Backed w/ Die Cut Border
-3”L x 2.5”W
-Increases 5-Star T-Doll drop rate
-Design by Vaporwave Skyking Guy

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