Down for the Season - See you in February!
Down for the Season - See you in February!
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New Drop: Black Mesa and Touhou

Hello everyone! It's been a while, but I'm happy to add two new patches to our store for August.

First off is a ground-up, fully-loaded version of the Black Mesa Research Facility logo that we all know and love. No need for stitching or ironing. It's hook-and-loop backed, merrowed for stability, and sports a nice shade closer to the original "Hazard Yellow/Orange" than other ones available on the Net. We also have the Security Patch Panel in production, so thank you for understanding.

Also, we've added the Touhou "Full Power" powerup patch to round everything out. Now available in a bundle, you can slap these smaller-sized patches to your gear so you can rep how much you love magical girls in funny hats while you kick in doors, or defend from your door getting kicked in. Either way, at nearly half off per patch for the bundle, there's no reason NOT to buy. You're literally LOSING MONEY!

In addition to the new patches, we have another new Promo Code!
Code: BMRF1 gets you 15% off your entire order, valid with our $20+ free shipping until August 18.

We're also running our "Dog Days of Summer" Promotion as a thank you to every new customer and for every new purchase. Now until the end of the 18th every customer who makes a valid purchase will have a chance to win one of three prepaid gift cards, courtesy of Anon Patchcraft Store*. Isn't that nice?

As always, thank you everyone for your patience, and enjoy the rest of your Summer.


*One entry per customer only. Multiple orders do not increase your odds of winning. Three winners will be chosen at the end of the sale period. Winner odds will be based on total purchases.