Girls' Frontline 16LAB Embroidered Patch

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Originally founded as a special division of I.O.P. Manufacturing Company, 16LAB and Miss Persica are credited with creating amazing technologies such as: ASST Tech, 2nd-Gen T-Dolls, and IDWs with the power to infinitely replicate. Now under contract by G&K PMC, they are the company's most valued asset and provider of advanced technologies R&D.

Based in part on the lab's often-obscured logo, it's silhouette and bright appearance are sure to turn heads and add flair to any collection.
Shikikan, you have your orders, now carry them out with pride!

-Embroidered Fabric. Velcro Backed w/ Die-Cut Border
-3”L x 2.5”W
-Increases 5-Star T-Doll Drop-Rate
-Design by Vaporwave Skyking Guy