New Years/February Update

New Year. New Designs. New Opportunities. First off, I'd like to thank everyone who made last year's late opening such an immediate success. I hope you continue to stick with APS through 2019 as well. And now, the news. Following up on the last store's update, I will continue to tweak the store layout and design as I go along. The F.A.Q. has been live for a while and will be updated as comments, questions, and concerns come in.USPS has decided to change their prices for 2019 onwards so I have updated our shipping to reflect this. Standard letter shipping...

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November 2018 Update

Hello everyone. First, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Design 1.0 Poll and the Girls' Frontline emergency poll. I'd like to provide everyone with an update on the store, recent changes made, and more stuff for the sake of transparency, as well as to build a little hype. First off, I'll be slowly adding, removing, and changing small details on the homepage to not only make it accessible, but also to make it neat and visually appealing. I've already updated the store logo and I plan to change more things going into the new year. Hopefully this...

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Store Blog: Chapter 1

Since the store first opened its been slow goings, but we're not stopping yet. We're hoping for three designs to drop around Christmas, future sales, and three more designs that people are sure to love.

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