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Q: How long does it take for Anon Patch Store to ship?
A: Processing times for all orders are based on order size and destination. Anon Patch Store does not process orders on Federal Holidays/Observances or Sundays. Standard processing/shipping times take 3-5 business days on average.
Edit: Processing and Shipping times are now back to normal after COVID-19. Due to local, state, and international safety standards some orders may take longer than usually to process and ship.

Q: What are some requests that can be made during checkout?
A: Anon Patch Store prides itself on it's community-driven approach. As such, we like to mail our merchandise with our store's branding. However, if you would like discreet packaging for your order, please let us know at checkout.

Likewise, we enjoy mailing out orders with quick letters to our customers. If you would not like to receive one, please let us know. Likewise, if you have a request for our shipping "artists" please let us know so we can happily customize your order for you at no charge.

Q: Will you ever restock "XYZ"? I'd like to request XYZ. I have a design I'd like to submit.
A: Due to our production schedule please allow some time for a restock of items. We currently have a restock schedule of 2 months or less for our best selling items.

If you have any requests or a design idea you'd love to see on our storefront, please feel free to contact us using our Sales address at sales@anonpatch.com.