Now With Added Maltodextrin
Now With Added Maltodextrin
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Q: How long does it take for Anon Patchcraft Store to ship?
A: We have a maximum three-day processing time for all orders. We do not process orders on Federal Holidays/Observances or Sundays. Standard shipping has an average delivery time of 3-5 business days.

Q: I received artwork in my mail/on my package. Was I charged for this? Where is my receipt?
A: Anon Patchcraft Store is deeply engrossed in the patch-making community. As a symbol of our gratitude, and to build upon our existing friendships we ship all our orders with freshly hand-drawn memes. Sometimes we will include artwork on envelopes or boxes as well. There is no fee for mailed artwork.
APS also believes in a green and sustainable future. As such, all emailed correspondence is treated as the customer's receipt and will be used to reference all orders. Paper receipts are available upon request at checkout and thereafter.

Q: Will you ever restock "XYZ"? I'd like to request XYZ.
A: Due to our production schedule, we are currently unavailable to provide restocks of any products that have been Sold Out. Any legacy merchandise designs and diagrams not intended to be used by the store will be retired and released to the public for free.
If you have an idea for future merchandise or designs, please feel free to contact us using our Sales address at