New Years/February Update

New Year. New Designs. New Opportunities.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who made last year's late opening such an immediate success. I hope you continue to stick with APS through 2019 as well. And now, the news.

Following up on the last store's update, I will continue to tweak the store layout and design as I go along. The F.A.Q. has been live for a while and will be updated as comments, questions, and concerns come in.
USPS has decided to change their prices for 2019 onwards so I have updated our shipping to reflect this. Standard letter shipping has not changed, but tracked shipping has increased to reflect the change in prices. FIVE EYES pricing has changed and Australia/New Zealand customers will now be expected to pay more for standard letter rates, but APS will eat a portion to keep things even. As with our Christmas Sale, they will also be included in any future shipping offers or sales.

As for the store's patches, I was happy to introduce our 16LAB patches. As fans of Girls' Frontline, it was hard not to push out a design as unique as that. All current designs are done and awaiting production. For our next drop, we are expecting "Full Power" and "Halo of the Sun" to accompany us in our store's roster. After, I am expecting "A Medical Place" and "Black Mesa" patches as courtesy from our friend SourKraut. Next, I'll introduce an embroidered version of the MGS: Peace Walker logo everyone seems to love to rip off (including us), and from then on we can again focus on developing some new designs. I hate to sit on new designs, but the new year has been slower than expected so new designs will take a while to be introduced into the store.

As a bonus, we've finally created a solid price range for our patches, meaning we will be using a standard system to price our patches based on size and complexity, cheaper than we've sold them for before. Our prices are more in-line with the average, and will hopefully appeal to people who want things for cheaper than usual.

As we move away from Winter, and into Spring, I am also planning another giveaway and tentative patch drop in March and April. As a whole, I don't expect much else to change. I'll continue to send out artwork with every order, and I have now moved on to larger envelopes and "packing slips" for those who like to keep physical copies of their orders (for whatever reason). New standards make everyone happy.

Again, thank you everyone whose helped us out so far. I hope to see you all again when the next drop goes live.