November 2018 Update

Hello everyone. First, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Design 1.0 Poll and the Girls' Frontline emergency poll. I'd like to provide everyone with an update on the store, recent changes made, and more stuff for the sake of transparency, as well as to build a little hype.

First off, I'll be slowly adding, removing, and changing small details on the homepage to not only make it accessible, but also to make it neat and visually appealing. I've already updated the store logo and I plan to change more things going into the new year. Hopefully this will make navigating a little more easier, and I plan on adding a F.A.Q. soon as well.

Second, I have updated the pricing for our shipping effective four weeks ago with a price increase to keep us level as we prepare for changes with the USPS in the following year. APS will keep theFIVE EYES shipping (mainly for our Australian friends) and while I do not expect any price changes for a year or so, I will adjust them slightly to reflect the quality of the mail sent, as well as any decreases once I average out the cost for some of our pricier shipping options.

Third, I will slowly be submitting the new designs for production. At the time of writing it is too late to have the patches ready before Christmas/New Years, so I will instead be running a end-of-year sale and using the funds to finish the last of the patches for a New Year/January drop sale too. As of now, the designs finished and ready for production are:

-"A Medical Place" patch based on the Mk2 /k/ Shield-
"Peace Walker Logo" patch based off of the logo for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It'll be embroidered and come in monochrome and MSF color schemes.
-Brushstroke "Halo of the Sun" patch based off of the namesake sygil from the Silent Hill series.
-"Full Power" patch based off of the item from the Touhou Project series.
There is also a Girls' Frontline patch that is a WIP, and depending on the sales and interest garnered, we might prioritize some patch production over others.

As of now, the store is in the green and I'll be increasing customer and community involvement. Package and mail artwork will be kept tame and to a minimum, while the handwritten letters and art included with the products will continue to be churned out at as quickly as humanly possible and until I receive a complaint from someone who isn't a fan of memes it will be for the foreseeable future.

That's all for now. Thank you everyone whose made APS a success so far. Remember to enjoy the holiday season, and make the most of the remaining year.

-Patchcraft Anon