Store Blog: Chapter 1

I've decided to start a store blog for those customers who really love me, or are just to lazy to browse patch threads on imageboards since they're already here. I'll try to keep it all business with no fluff. So with that being said, here's the business plan for the coming two months.

  1. I'll be contacting manufacturers for a release of embroidered merch based around the winners for our latest design poll. Thank you for everyone that participated. I'll be doing a small batch release of the MGS: Peace Walker logo in monochrome and Grey/Yellow, as well as a small batch release for the "Full Power" Touhou patch.
  2. Money is tight going into the holidays even with the recent orders shooting me up close to about where I need to be for a nice return. I'll be shooting for a Christmas release, but I might have to wait until New Years or even later. This is going to put a damper on stock but I'll run one or two more sales before the next drop to hopefully make up for it.
  3. I have a lot of ideas that I want to put into production, but as a sample of what we have cooked up already, we'll be releasing an EMT version of the Mk2 /k/ patch along with a Girls' Frontline patch and a "Kill Jester" patch based on the now famous skit from Limmy's Show. Depending on how soon we can get the smaller patches out, we can expect these to drop sometime around January/February. Please stay tuned.

As an aside, I'll also be taking some time to redesign the site a little bit including a new logo and a color scheme that's hopefully as kind on the eyes as the one we have now. I'll also be adding more photos to the Americaball patch and updating the Facebook page more frequently since it keeps getting de-listed due to inactivity.

Thanks for everyone whose supported me until now. Going into Thanksgiving and Christmas, I hope everyone enjoys their patches and continues to support me from now until whenever. Stay frosty.